AMPlifying Hope

On the set

On the set

One of the most rewarding aspects of our work here at AMP Media is collaborating with community businesses and organizations to create unique media opportunities.  

In November of 2016, we began a series of meetings and training sessions with the clients and staff of the Monterey chapter of Hope Services,  a leading provider of services to people with developmental disabilities in Silicon Valley for over 64 years. Hope serves more than 3,900 people and their families in six counties and provides a broad spectrum of services for infants through seniors such as children’s services, day programs, staffing, mental health services, community living services, and senior services.

Our goal here at AMP Media is to "AMPlify" Hope Services and their clients as together we create new media and job training opportunities in Monterey county.

After giving the staff and clients of Hope Services a tour of Amp's facilities they each had the opportunity to record a segment on set and to operate equipment in our control room.  This was followed by a return visit where we went over the fundamentals of editing video using Final Cut Pro X.

Both Hope and AMP Media continue to be very excited by the possibilities  seen even during these early sessions and plans are moving forward to take our combined efforts to the next level in early 2017.