All amp Board meetings are open to the public.  As a courtesy, we ask members of the public to contact our office via email at with your intention to attend so that we can make proper seating arrangements beforehand.

The next meeting will be held at 5 Fairway Court Seaside, CA 93933.  The pin on the map shows the location.


AMP Executive Committee Regular Meeting
Monday May 1, 2017 – 3:00PM
5 Fairway Court
Seaside, CA 93933

1. Come to Order/Establish Quorum

2. Public Comments (3 minutes per presentation)

3. Financial Reports

4. Applicable Strategic Planning Committee Reports

5. Review Audit for final approval at May 11 Board Meeting

6. Review and discuss Final Report from Buske Group

7. Discuss Board Meeting location options

8. Discuss Gayle Tier’s marketing proposal for events

9. Discuss Agenda for Board Meeting

10. Board Member Recruitment

11. Discuss Executive Director Recruitment / Job Description

12. Employee Handbook review (June 5)

13. Items for Future Consideration

       a) Facilities

14. Announcements

15. Establish/Confirm Upcoming Meeting Date(s)

a. June 5, 2017 – AMP Offices 3:00 pm

b. July 10, 2017- AMP Offices 3:00 pm

c. August 7, 2017- AMP Offices 3:00 pm

d. September 11, 2017- AMP Offices 3:00 pm

e. October 2, 2017- AMP Offices 3:00 pm

16. Adjournment