AMP is the community media organization for Monterey County.  We help everyone – the general public, non-profit organizations and public agencies - get out their message through video and other digital media.

Founded in 1998 as Access Monterey Peninsula, a 501(c)3 tax-exempt group, we operate through community support, user fees and funding from the cities of Monterey, Marina, Seaside and Pacific Grove. In 2019, to keep up with rapid media growth, Access Monterey Peninsula became AMP, Access Media Productions.

We offer the community:
    •    Broadcast and webcast of video programming on five channels
    •    Training on the skills needed to create video programs
    •    Equipment for public use including field cameras, studios and computer editing systems
    •    Professional video production available at very affordable rates 

OUR Mission

AMP is the premier resource promoting and enabling local government, the general public, and community organizations to effectively communicate using electronic media.

OUR Goals

  • Cultivating freedom of speech and creative ideas

  • Presenting local, community-relevant stories, forums, events and culture

  • Preserving participatory democracy

  • Using media as a tool for nonprofit, governmental and other community organizations