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James Le Sage, producer of Rolling Along

James Le Sage, producer of Rolling Along

Born in 1947, James is originally from Massachusetts but moved to the west coast with his parents in 1955 and is a graduate of Seaside High School.  Following college studies at Monterey Peninsula College, where he studied theatre under Morgan Stock, Le Sage worked as a traveling rock and roll musician before being drafted into the Army to serve in Vietnam.  Upon his military discharge, he returned to Monterey to continue his theatre training and to performing as a “one man band” in several prominent Monterey venues.

When the call of the road once again beckoned, he spent several decades as a traveling musician and radio jingles producer, eventually landing in Missouri where he got married and continued playing music including with Willie Nelson during his Farm Aid concerts.

During his many travels, Le Sage remained committed to the communities he found himself in, often volunteering as a media producer.  While in the Reno area, for instance, he created the “Community Spotlight”  and “Carson Kids” programs. 

For the last ten years, he has been a resident of Monterey and has produced many local cable TV programs and showcases including “Le Sage Local Coverage”, “Yeti-files”, “Victorious Magical Workshop”, “Outa-Space”, and “Rolling Along / My Show”.  Besides producing, Le Sage also volunteers with AMP Media as a camera operator and is actively involved in local non-profits, grant seeking and event planning activities.


Guest interviews from the community and out of town segments with a focus on non-profits

CATEGORY:  Entertainment

Rolling Along with Maggie & Me / My Show features interviews and coverage of events and people from Monterey and beyond often highlighting those that otherwise would not be covered by the media. Art, music, car shows, festivals, fairs, parades and Mardi Grass are among the events featured.


CHANNEL:  AMP1  - Comcast Channel 24

Monday 7:30pm  

Tuesday 2:30pm

Friday 10:30am and 7:30pm

Saturday 8:30pm

Duration:  30 minutes


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