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JW Winslow, producer of WinslowArt

JW Winslow, producer of WinslowArt

JW Winslow is a writer/artist/poet and green publisher whose work appears on the WinslowArt TV show each week. She is the author of six books published by FRESH ART, the imprint which features the Mystic Adventures in Big Sur series of books and a collection of poems, prayers and parables called Sensual Indigo.

She is the host of the WinslowArt TV show which began on Cannery Row as a radio show, moved to live television on KYMB TV and graduated to AMP MEDIA. Her paintings and glasswork have been featured in many shows and collections around the world. An episodic Television series is in development for the Mystic Adventure in Big Sur series, and three more volumes are planned to complete the story. She lives and works in Monterey, CA, where she can always be spotted with flowers in her hair!


JW and guest

JW and guest

WinslowArt is a taste of artesan television hosted by JW Winslow, and it is all about the Arts!

CATEGORY:  Arts and Culture

The WinslowArt Television show is about painting and sculpture and architecture, music, dance, photography, literature, food, stage and screen and gifted young artists of Monterey County. Host JW Winslow introduces a wide variety of special guests on WinslowArt, each one with a story to tell and dreams of the Arts. Musicians play live and writers read, artists bring fresh paintings and chefs bring food. Each show is a surprise in some way, with the guests revealing things they don't always plan and there are a lots of laughs in addition to the "Hot Pics". WinslowArt is a television program that is beloved and enjoyed by a wide fan base and it is streamed around the world! You just never know who will pop in!


CHANNEL:  AMP2  - Comcast Channel 27

 Thursday at 1:00am and 8:00pm, Friday at noon and 9pm, Saturday at 6pm

Duration:  60 minutes


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