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Kendra Leone, producer of Awaken Love

Kendra Leone, producer of Awaken Love

Kendra Leone is a student of biblical research and semitic languages. Having fallen in love with Jesus nearly a decade ago, she and her husband share their personal encounter with Christ to those struggling to find Truth. Providing unique insights into the scripture, she uses her ministry to touch the lives of other women of faith.

She is also an advocate for small ministries seeking to create an online presence providing them with training in small scale Video Production, Editing, SEO, Marketing, Social Media Outreach and Content Creation.


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Awaken love is a platform where women can learn, share and grow in their relationship with Christ.

CATEGORY:  Spirituality

Awakening Love For Christ In the Heart of Women is the purpose and efforts of Sharing the personal journey of women with Jesus Christ and their journey through the scripture is the focus of this ministry.


CHANNEL:  AMP1  - Comcast Channel 24

Monday at 10:30am, Wednesday at 8:30am, Friday at 8:00am, Sunday at 1:00am and 1:00pm 

Duration:  30 minutes



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