NOTE:  Before your videos will be accepted and aired, the following conditions must be met:

1.  That the video you are uploading incorporates disclaimer language (text for a sample disclaimer is available here)

2.  You've completed and returned the programming agreement to amp for each video you are uploading


1. In a web browser, go to (a new separate page will open in your browser)

Fill in the Log In fields as follows:

Username or Email -  community  (all lower case letters)

Password  -   community  (all lower case letters)

Click Log In


2. On the next page, click Media (do not select any of the drop-down options)


3. You are now on the My Media page.  

Just below  My Media  there is a message that says:  Drop files on page to upload.

Simply drag and drop a file from your desktop or file folders into this area.  (The upload may take some time, as this is a shared page with many users.  You will see a progress meter as  it proceeds.)



4. Once the upload is completed, a new  My Media  page will appear with your video at the top of the video boxes.  There will be a  ?  symbol and the name of your file at that box. 

Next to the box you see the  Created  date, a  Status  of  Draft  and an empty area under   Syndicator. 

Still further to the right is a select tool that looks like a gear, with a down arrow attached.  Roll your mouse over the gear and two choices appear:  Edit  or  Delete.   Click Edit.


5. You are now on a page where you create a title and describe your video to us.  Work from top  to bottom as follows:

a) Type the name of your show in the  Title*  field.   (The default will be the name of the file you uploaded. Please create a title that anyone might understand and want to see.)

b) Next, fill in the  Short summary*  field with a brief description of your video.  Use meaningful unique words that will make the video searchable.  Please indicate if the video has a limited play time (for example prior to an event) and make the dates clear to us.

c) Next below is a field for  Episode ID.   Here, type in your email address and name, which we will use to contact you.

d) Do not check theSyndicate  box.

e) Next below is our  custom license , which states in legal terms that you are completely responsible for the content of your submission.  This statement allows amp to present your material without any editing or legal review.  You may wish to click on and read the statement, or read it here.  If so, click back on your browser when done.

f) Below the  custom license, you see a space where you can replace the file if you uploaded the wrong video or want to change it. 

g) Next below, you see a  Transcript  box. Do not use that.

h) Next, move down (you may need to scroll) to a button that says  Save Draft.  Click on that.


6. You are now back on the  My Media  page. Your video should still be at or near the top of the  video boxes.

Again, roll your mouse over the gear tool and select  Edit.  You are back on the  Media  page.



7. To complete the process, scroll to the bottom of the page.  Below the  Save Draft  button, there is now a button that says  Publish.  Click that button.

You have successfully sent AMP Media your video!  We will contact you as soon as we review your submission.